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Jan. 21st, 2009

A billshido story.

Author: meegsy

Chapter: 1/?
Summary: Bill left Bushido, but Bushido can't seem to get over him even though he's engaged to Sarah. What will he do to get him back?
Pairing: Billshido!
Rating: soon to be NC-17

“Bushido,” the nod was sharp and quick, signalling that Bill certainly didn’t want to be around for long. It hurt, it really did, but none the less, he should have expected it. When Bill ended their secret relationship, he meant it. He blamed it on the rapper, claiming he was acting dangerous and not only was he putting his own life in danger, but he was risking his friends as well.

It had been just another fight really, and the last thing Bushido expected was for Bill to break it off, but he did. It was hard to even comprehend that he, Bushido, had been broken up with. Not just that though, the hardest part to comprehend was the fact that he was loosing someone he thought he actually loved. He should have begged, yet at the time it seemed below him and just like that, Bill walked out of his life.

Now he had Sarah and if he was to be truthful, he would say that he never wanted her to begin with. She was hot, Bushido could admit that, but she was far from Bill. She had more of a whinge to her voice and she never made him laugh like the male singer. His friends loved her, especially Kay One, but they knew Bushido too well. They knew he would have his ex over her any day.

Sarah had begged him. Bushido didn’t want to, but she begged non-stop and he really couldn’t stand it when she used that whiny voice. She was only seventeen, but she had assured him she had a fake id. With some convincing from Chakuza, Bu could do nothing but agree.

It was a new nightclub and various German celebrities were out enjoying it. It wasn’t the best Bushido had seen, but he couldn’t deny that it was nice. Some of the tables were in the light, a perfect area to see the dance floor, while others were in more of a secluded area. A perfect spot to make out, Bushido was sure. The neon lights were flickering and loud music pumped, filling the room with sound that could easily be danced to. Sarah was tugging on his arm, her face filled with young excitement as she stared at the gravitating bodies. This was her heaven. Usually it was Bushido’s as well, but it just didn’t feel right at that moment.

They had walked down the stairs, their eyes taking in the new environment when Sarah had knocked into him. Bushido could identify that apology anywhere. His brown eyes had taken in the beautiful sight of Bill and the rapper wasn’t quite sure he had been breathing. Bill was breathtaking after all.

The acknowledgement was forced and Bushido could almost see the sour look on Bill’s face as he once again stared at Sarah. For the first real time in his life, Bushido couldn’t help but feel ashamed. Why had he moved on to Sarah so quickly after Bill? Bill was probably thinking about how cruel he really was.

“Oh! You’re Bill from Tokio Hotel.” Bushido would have loved to drag the girl away, but he knew it was really too late to even think about it. Bill only smiled, a tight one Bushido noticed, and held out his hand in greeting. Sarah shook it, what some would consider a pretty smile was etched into her face. “I’m Sarah, Bushido’s fiancé.”

“Girlfriend,” Bushido quickly inputted, his voice desperate. He hadn’t really proposed to Sarah, it was more of a lie. At the time, he had wanted to keep his mind off of Bill and he had made the stupid mistake of proposing to her. The look he got from Sarah was one of confusion.

Bill only nodded, his face now void of emotion. What could Bushido even say to make it better?
“Well it’s very nice to meet you Sarah; you must be one hell of girl to put up with such a tough man.” Bill was having a go at him, Bushido knew it, and his chest hurt because of it. Bill was putting up his defences and the rapper hated it when he did that. The girlish giggle Sarah returned made him cringe.

“I put up with him because I love him,” her words were soft and anyone with two eyes could see that it was true. That hardest thing was, Bushido didn’t love her in return.

“He’s one lucky man.” Bill turned to look at him and Bu wanted to collapse under the stare. He wanted to beg Bill to forgive him in a way that a rapper certainly wouldn’t, but he had a feeling it wouldn’t have done any good. “Now if you will excuse me, I have my own date waiting.”

“You have a date?” The words came out before he could stop them, but no regret was felt. It was a question he needed to ask, whether he had the right to or not. Bushido felt Kay move beside him and tug on the opposite arm to the one Sarah was holding.

“Come on, man.” The words fell on deaf ears. All Bushido could do was stare at the young male in front of him. Bill nodded, looking shocked at the outburst. When they were together, Bu never really showed any interest in Bill’s actions and he felt that maybe, just maybe, that that had been another problem with them. He regretted it, like regretted so many other incidents.

“Excuse me,” and just like that, he walked away. His very presence had made Bushido feel warm and now, there was nothing but the cold chilly air.

“Are you friends with him?” Sarah turned, swiping at the brown hair that fell in her face. The rapper didn’t even give her a look; he was too interested in watching Bill walk away once again.

“Come on,” with a sharp tug at Sarah’s arm, maybe too hard, Bushido pulled her away. He really didn’t want to see Bill walk up to another man.


They sat across from Tokio Hotel, maybe too close for Bushido’s liking. Bill did have a date, a young blond male around the same age as the lead singer. The rapper could admit he was good looking, but far from as beautiful as Bill was. He had seen the blond’s face before, but from where, Bushido really didn’t know. Once again, he couldn’t tear his eyes from Bill. He had been like a magnet to Bushido and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t help but thinking about how it would feel to have him back in his arms.

“Man, if you don’t steady up, Sarah will notice,” the words were spoken by Kay, and Bushido respected them. He knew Kay was only trying to help, but all of his friends knew just how attached he had been to Bill.

“Maybe we should leave?” Bushido couldn’t agree more with Chakuza, but at the same time, his disagreed. Standing, the rapper moved out of the booth, his long legs slowly taking him towards Tokio Hotel’s table. He ignored Sarah, who was coming back from the bathroom, and walked straight past her. At that moment, she was nothing but a bug on the floor, when Bill was there anyway.

Stopping at the booth, Bushido’s eyes took in his lost lover.

“Can I talk to you?” The rapper was sure Tom was about to answer by the way he sat up, a snarl on his face, but Bill beat him.
“Sure,” he pushed the blond date out, and Bushido had to look away when he kissed Bill on the cheek. It was disgusting and it once again hurt his chest. Was he always going to feel like this when it came to Bill? Signalling for the male singer to follow him, Bushido led him towards the bathroom. He knew what he wanted to say, and goddamn, he was going to say it.


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Jan. 21st, 2009 08:06 pm (UTC)
Sucky comment, I apologize in advance :D

I loove this. It's from a perspective I've never read Billshido, them having broken up, and it's tingling my heart strings ^^ I'll be keeping an eye trained on my flist to see an update for this :)
Jan. 25th, 2009 04:58 pm (UTC)
Looking forward to the next chapter. <3
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