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This story came to my head after the discussion of homosexuality at brigits_flame. I, for one, am an avid homosexual supported. One of the best friends is gay and the other is bi and I love them both. This is also for the next challenge. Chaos.


“Do you believe in heaven?” Landon would have loved to say no, but at that moment, all he could do was nod. Peyton’s sky blue eyes crinkled a little, but his bloodied lips grew wider none the less. He had a way of doing that, and Landon had always found it amusing, adorable even. “Do you believe your mum is there right now?” Once again he nodded, not sure if any words would come out of his own mouth. Peyton coughed, spits of blood landing on the taller boy’s face, but Landon didn’t care. “Will I go there?” Another nod. “Landon, don’t be afraid.”

Afraid was not the word for it. He was scared yes, but more upset than anything. Why couldn’t he say something? His throat felt like a knife was stuck in it, and with one word, he was sure it would be slit. But there was no knife there, not like there was in Peyton’s stomach anyway.

“Maybe –” Peyton paused, taking deep breaths. The breathing sounded harsh and the reality of it was not touching Landon as it should. Maybe it was all just a nightmare? “Maybe you should pull out the knife.” No. He couldn’t and he certainly wouldn’t. He only shook his head. “Please talk to me, Landon, I am scared.” His voice shook and Peyton’s smaller hand gripped Landon’s own tightly as clear tears started to form in the once joyous filled eyes.

“I –” Landon cleared his throat, feeling his own tears starting to appear. Leaning down, he pressed his head against Peyton’s blood soaked chest. “I don’t want you to die.” The tears escaped, cascading down his tanned face and onto the slim body that he now had his face pressed against. He only received a pain filled cry in reply. The people around Landon and Peyton ignored them; too busy fighting each other with knives and other weapons to care about the dying teenager. It was pure chaos. Some accidently kicked Landon, but none never touched Peyton. Landon was protecting him too much for that.

“I don’t care what they say, Landon, we were perfect out there,” and they really were. Landon had never felt so comfortable in his life.


“Let’s dance.” Landon laughed, pulling Peyton against him. Peyton could only blush. He was not strong enough to fight his boyfriend.

“This is embarrassing,” Peyton muttered, turning his head so he could rest it against Landon’s shoulder, “everyone is watching us.”

“Since when do you care what people think?” They swayed almost melodically with the music. They really were good dancers. “Be proud!”

“I am!” The younger replied offensively, though he did not move from where he situated himself. “I just – don’t think dancing at the prom is the right way to come out, especially to our parents.” Landon only laughed and pulled Peyton closer. He just didn’t seem to care about his father or anyone else at the moment.


“You were beautiful,” Landon whispered, pulling back to stare in the beautiful eyes of the other male.

“I don’t care what anyone else says, Land, I would never –” Peyton was cut off by a series of sharp and painful coughs. He was loosing a lot more blood now and it scared Landon. There was supposed to be an ambulance coming right?

“I have to take you to hospital! I will carry you there myself.” A hand at his shoulder stopped him. Peyton’s eyes were unfocused and blood dripped more profusely from his mouth.

“Don’t. If you carry me, they’ll get you too.” His words were barely understandable. “The police will be here soon. Landon, do you remember when we first met?”

How could he not?


“Who the hell are you and what are you doing in my seat?” Landon turned, his brown eyes peering up at the blond that stood beside him. With crossed arms, the short boy tapped his foot continually, waiting for an answer. Being new to a school was hard, yet handling the kids was harder. Landon knew this from experience.

“I’m Landon. I’m new and apparently, I’m your lab partner considering you don’t have one.” Landon replied, a smirk growing on his thin lips. Peyton glared at him.

“I don’t have a partner, because I like working alone,” he sneered, purposely pushing Landon’s books onto the floor beside the desk. “Oops.” Bringing his hand up to his mouth in a shock gesture, Peyton smirked.

Sighing, Landon bent down to pick them up, he knew by now not to start a fight. Standing, he moved to sit in the next seat. Peyton only huffed and sat down. 'What a spoiled brat,' was the only thing Landon thought before paying attention to the teacher.


“I was such an asshole,” Peyton giggled as best as he could. The brown eyed teen shook his head.

"You were defensive," he defended in vain.

"Asshole, none the less." Peyton's teary blue eyes looked lovingly into Landon's. "Take out the knife." Once again, Landon merely shook his head.

"You grew to crush on me," the taller male smiled sadly.


Landon couldn't help but feel like he was being watched. He didn't know why he had that feeling, but he did none the less. It was the afternoon, and he was leaning casually against the fence of the school. The bus was late.

"Why are you still here?" Turning, Landon looked at the blond that walked almost elegantly towards him. He looked handsome. One thing that Landon was sure about was that he was attracted to Peyton. He didn't know how it started, but it had been a shock to him. He never dated any of the girls from his old school, even when they did ask him out. He constantly told his friends that they weren't good enough. Why? At the time he didn't know. Looking at Peyton now though, the other male was a perfect contender. It confused Landon, but he was not scared about it. He was willing to test some waters. Experimenting was all part of teenage life after all.

"'Cause the bus is late," Landon replied, giving Peyton a once over. "Nice clothes.” Peyton was dressed casual for once and it really did suit him. It was much better than the usual school outfit. "What about you?"

The frown on Peyton's face was adorable, Landon could admit that. "You mean, you don't know?" The taller teen just shook his head. "I'm the principle's son."

Now, that had been a shock.


"It didn't take me long to fall for you after we started talking." The blond whispered quietly. Landon could tell he was getting tired. The waterworks started again. "Ta - Take out the knife, Landon."

He could feel the rays of sunshine against his back. The night was quickly becoming day. It had been a protest about homosexuality that quickly turned into a riot and now here they were, one lying on the ground dying while the other cried like a little girl as the sun rose. Landon was lost. He really didn't know what to do. With slow movements, his hand reached for the knife handle. His long fingers wrapped around it, gripping it tightly. The small movement of Landon's grip on the knife made Peyton groan in pain.

"Tell my family - tell them I love them." Peyton's words grew hazy again and his breathing quickened, "and I love you, Landon, no matter how wrong they think we are."

One kiss to the lips and the knife was jerked out of the long gash, causing the injured blond to scream out.

Thirty-five minutes and twenty-two seconds. That's how long it took for Peyton to bleed out. Every second, Landon was there, tears flowing freely as he gripped tightly on Peyton's hand. Ten minutes was how long it took the police and ambulance to pull Landon away from Peyton's body. Forty-five days in a row, Landon visited Peyton's grave, eying the beautiful face that he quickly fell for, no matter how wrong people thought it was. One hour was how long it took for Landon to find Peyton after he took his own life. Forever was how long they'd be happy together in the afterlife, he was sure of it.


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Dec. 12th, 2008 11:06 pm (UTC)
This story is the sad truth of life, isn't it? Seems like there's a big population of people out there that would rather examine and judge the live's of others rather than their own...ot's always a smoke screen for their own feelings and fears.
Well written! The only problem I had with it was the extremity of circumstances...but if you have to die, you have to die. It validated the message!

Dec. 13th, 2008 03:40 am (UTC)
Sorry! I wanted to give it a real slap in the face because really, reality pisses me off so much and this is basically what's happening and it's so sad.

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